Asia Pacific Deaf Badminton Championship 2018

Asia Pacific Deaf Badminton Championship 2018 Introduction

The success of Malaysian Deaf athletes in sports tournaments that organized by others country was very proud. The medals that earned from International championships are seen as the potential of the National athlete to create success and bring glory to the Malaysia especially in the badminton event.

The International tournament is a tournament held every 2 to 4 years. This tournament is the highest achievement for members for the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) and Asia Pacific Deaf Sports Confederation (APDSC) and all the Deaf people around the world in sports competition.


  • Provide opportunities for Deaf players to join in badminton sport in the National level.
  • Discover new talents among teenagers and adults.
  • Identify the Deaf player that will be highlighted to a higher level
  • To bring up the Deaf people's interest in actively participating in Deaf Badminton sport for International tournaments.
  • Is a platform that identify the potential players to join the team of National Deaf badminton player for the International tournaments.
  • Increase the quality of skills of the player as well as enhance experience through the exposure at national and International level of competition.
  • To bring up the game of the spirit and the interest of the Deaf people in sports

Our Goal

  • Maintain the status and the reputation that have been built up among respected Deaf players in the badminton sport.
  • Provide opportunities for Deaf badminton athletes to enhance their skills through the exposure in different level of competition.
  • Produce more athletes who have the potential to create names up to the international level, in line with national players.
  • Bring up the country name and the history of excellence to the Deaf community.

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